Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey, Ahm Bak! Just Some Rambling . . .

Hello all!

Yes, I'm back.  It's been a rough time in regards to getting online.  The wireless thangy seems to have taken off - in Spades!  I can't get a connection for the Life of me!.  It's been like I have to skulk around in the wee hours of the morning in order to grab a bit of bandwidth to at least check my email.  Even then I get knocked off by pirates getting their torrents downloaded!

Yes, I can analyze these streams.  I have the tools and the know-how & have realized that there's a lot of people out there who are gaining more & more knowledge as to how to crack wireless security.  I've followed two characters who are normaloid during the day and then change into pirates at night.  They must have 'caps' on their accounts from their ISPs and go out at night to pirate bandwidth for their torrents.

These folks are actually ingenious in that they have latched onto four or five or even more APs and do a rotating thing while keeping up their download rate -  an astounding technique, actually.  While understanding as to how they do it & even being envious that I don't have the equipment to allow myself to achieve the same ability, I nevertheless, refrain from impinging onto others' privacy.

Yes, I've admitted that I've had to intrude at times to get off an email or to check something, but I've always restricted myself to no more than 5 minutes & then logged off, feeling guilty as hell - desperation will do funny things to a person, y'know.  I had to go out & get drunk to soften the blow, so to speak.

Anyway, these two characters are really interesting in that they have no compunctions as to whom they raid nor as to whatever bandwidth they've stolen.  I have logs that I can use if I ever track these folks down - thankfully, Linux makes logging really easy.

They think that they're smart by changing their MAC addresses when they do their thangy, but there are things called ARP & NAT  & other protocols that can pinpoint who, what & where & regardless of their efforts, I can follow these miscreants - all the while being logged.  These folks have stolen approximately 3 terabytes of bandwidth in the two month period that I have been monitoring them.  I merely set up up a shell script to do this and these persons have been extremely busy, according to the logs.

Thank gawd for Linux, shell scripts & logs!

It's way easier to do this stuff in Linux than in Windows, I think.  Of course, there are those of you WWs who will proclaim that 'doze can do this stuff, also.  Sure, it can.  But would you want to set up the necessary scripting in your XP, Vista or Win7 to do this and then there are the server restrictions inherent in all 'doze systems that will only allow one to do this monitoring at certain times?  Also, 'doze doesn't do monitoring well.  One has to 'tweak' certain settings & utilities in order to allow 'doze to do so & then this will affect the overall connectivity of the system . . . and on & on & on . . .  Sorry, but Linux wins this round.

For the WWs, if you wish to pursue this, then buy the ever so extravangantly  priced WinServ2003  or even the more pricey, WinServ2008 - WoW!  In addition to whatever a normal OS can deliver, all the monitoring tools you could ever wish for are included.  Of course, you'll have to expend $20,000+ for the MCSE course to be able to understand and manipulate it!  But then you'll be a major Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who has to renew the certification every two years & you will know everything & anything about networking & beating hackers, won'tcha?

Then, there are those of you readers who don't give a shit about any of this; you just want to get online and do so without anything bothering you, right?  Well, get educated in regards to wireless security if you wish to do your thangy without major problems.  Learn about WPA & WPA2, the newer security protocols regarding wireless connectivity - way better than the the standard setup offered by the manufacturers when you buy your new wireless router.

Later kiddies . . .


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