Friday, September 18, 2009

Why It's Nice To Have An Alternate OS

This graphic symbolizes that Linux isn't just a hobbyist's pursuit anymore. It's a serious OS & even Uncle Bill has offered some code - gratis - to be included into the newest kernel package. It has to do with various drivers & other such M$ mysterioso stuff so that Linux will have an easier time in dealing with upcoming "improvements" planned by the Big 'M'.

Thanks Bill, but although the offer is appreciated, you do understand that the code will be ripped to pieces, analyzed to death and then reassembled to fit the Linux scheme, doncha?

After my frustrating sojourn with my recent XP re-install, I retreated to my Linux partition to rest my mind & play with an OS that does what I want it to do, when I want it and how I want it without annoying error messages. If something goes wrong - rarely - the app either freezes which is simply killed by a basic command or it simply disappears. I then check out a system log which tells me - in Plain English! - what went wrong and then fix it. Or if I need a new app, I just fire up my Synaptic Software Manager - the graphical version of Debian's vaunted software retrieval system that takes care of any dependencies automatically - smooth! - & retrieve & install what I want in a relatively short time - no Vendors or nag ads to worry about.

Right now, there isn't much that isn't available in apps that Windoze has that doesn't have its equivalent in Linux. With Ultra-GUI distros like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint & a host of others, it's easy for a Windows person to convert to the Legion of The Penguin. The aformentioned are all designed for Windows people who are helpless when in comes to handling the Command Line - Typing? Ugh! Syntax? Ugh!

  Being an old fart who was brought up on DOS - Do some of you even remember DOS? - and having my first computer experience with UNIX, I obviously favour the CLI (Command Line Interface) which is a lot more powerful in getting what you want. Hey! Even when I was in MCSE school, much of the administration of the various WinServers was done via CLI, much to the chagrin of my classmates.

Anyway, that's my rant on why I prefer Linux over 'doze. I just find it so much easier to deal with. 


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