Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Site of Interest

While perusing one of my many newsletters, I came across this article which I thought quite informative.  It's a primer for Windows users considering a dabble in the World of The Penguin.  It's comprised of 25 Tips explaining Linux; its structure, the many distributions available and in some case their specific purposes.  All in all, an informative read even for those already immersed in Linux.

This article is located at Tech Radar - a UK website with the seemingly latest scoop on most things related to computing.  It not only does Linux but Windows and Mac, also.  Plus, there are tips and pertinent websites for Web Page Designers and something that I came across that all of us take for granted - Motherboards - how, when and where are they manufactured?  The article takes us for a tour through Gigabyte's China plant and explains the various steps involved in the manufacture of their 3 million boards per year - whew! that's a lot of mobos!

There's tons of other stuff available that can take up your time and it's well worth bookmarking to refer to again and again whenever you need an up-to-date tech fix.


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  1. The tips are really great. didn't know all that stuff. maybe i'll try linux again. that techradar site looks really awsum too.