Monday, September 21, 2009

Microsoft Badmouths Linux In Sales Campaign

As previously mentioned, I subscribe to a number of newsletters and RSS feeds. The latter is a far more flexible medium in that it doesn't take up any mailbox space or resources and is usually the latest scoop on just about anything out there.

Since the inception of Microsoft's campaign to introduce Windows 7 to the masses, the Seattle Software giant has upped its efforts since the deadline for the official release draws ever nearer. Apparently, the latest effort consists of M$ developing its 'ExpertZone' "training courses".

It provides the candidates with "facts", consisting of a series of claims about how Windows 7 compares to Linux or Apple, followed by a "quiz" that tells retail employees that their answers are "incorrect" if they don't parrot back the rote points. How medieval.

The latest blurb is about how this 'training' campaign is affecting Best Buy employees and how they are offered an incentive in the form of a voucher that allows them to buy Windows 7 for $10 after they finish the course. Of course, not all Best Buy employees are mindless Windows Weenies and one of them exposed this FUD campaign on an anonymous blog. I guess the poor guy was stuck with a mound of bills and needed the job.

Anyway, the point is that nowadays folks are just a little more educated than the Redmond Ratpack has anticipated and will exercise a choice if offered. One of the claims of the "ExpertZone" course is that Linux is woefully behind in hardware compatibility. Well, at one time this was true but lately gains have been made in leaps and bounds as manufacturers are coming around to composing Linux drivers or allowing the Linux developers access to their resources to develop them for Open Source.

The latest Linux kernel has support for the USB 3.0 technology, something that neither Windows or Mac has even considered so far. Of course, these "ExpertZone" courses fail to mention the hardware compatibility issues that Vista had, and still in some cases, has with certain peripherals. Windows 7 is experiencing some difficulties in handling certain hardware demands but I imagine that this is just a situation of catch up for the manufacturers as they examine and develop the appropriate drivers for this new OS.

Personally, I can't wait to upgrade my hardware a bit and replace my trusty XP to Win7. I've seen it and had limited experience with it but from what I've seen, it's a winner. Since Windows is a component of modern day computing, one may as well have a Windows system around for reference and I'm ready to give up my trusty XP OS for this new venture. At least Win7 shows a lot more effort in its development than the Vista effort. I can imagine that Vista will be referred to as the "ME" of the 21st century.

What? Has he gone bonkers, you ask? No, I still prefer to spend the greater majority of my computing time and effort in my beloved Linux but will visit the 'other side' once in a while to see what's new and to provide more ammunition for me to bitch about, plus in my work I need the Windows platform as many, no, all of my clients are Windows users. I never get any calls from Linux people. Hmmm, does that tell you something?


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