Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joy of Joy - At Last, an IE That Plays Nice With Me!

I cannot friggin' believe it!  I have finally managed to install IE8 and it plays nice!

After setting up all the little details, e.g., browser preference, add-ons, etc. I fired it up and beyond all apprehension, it behaved  . . . and it behaved well.

It actually displayed certain Web Pages rather admirably which would have otherwise looked a little quirky and have now come to realize that this Blogger dot Com has been developed by M$ only developers.  I say this because when viewing my blog in Firefox or Opera, certain elements look crimped and the secondary titles within the blog entries don't display their intended formatting, e.g., bigger font sizing along with a differnet font - Arial or Helvetica instead of Georgia or Times Roman.

With IE8, everything displayed the way it was intended and I must say that my page looks even better than I had originally viewed it in Firefox and Opera.

Here I was, wasting my time, dickering around with settings and fiddling with the HTML and XML coding to see if I could make the improvements that I had visualized when all I had to do was view it with IE.

Oh, boooo, hissss, boooo to the developers of Blogger.  For shame to lock in a site such as this to IE preferences only.  Get yer heads outta yer asses and open up the formatting, fer chrissake!

I recently discovered a heretofore unadvertised utility that will enable bloggers to effortessly write and format their blogs using M$ Word®.  Not all the fancy formatting is transferred when uploading to the blog and included graphics still don't upload, but most of the basic formatting like font size, style and choice along with other standard embellishments transfer well.  The do display the way they are intended as long as the site is viewed in IE - a definite shortcoming!

The site to download this utility is:

Blogger For Word

Hmmph, as much as I hate to admit, IE8 does seem a lot better than its predecessors.  At least this version plays nice with me, so far.  As much as me being a Linux Fanboy, I do have to give credit where credit is due, though.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can make it work with WINE ?  I'll let you know . . .


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